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"10 Secrets to the Secret"

With nearly 30 years of personal practice and instructing others how to make the Law of Attraction (The Secret™) work in their lives, Robert has recognized several places that are the most common stumbling blocks in creating and manifesting the life of one's dreams.

"10 Secrets to the Secret" is a guidebook for practitioners, both old and new, to make the strides in their lives they could scarcely dream of before.

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Portrait of Robert Burgener

Robert Burgener is a Spiritual Teacher and Reiki Practitioner as well as an Intuitive Life Coach.

Robert has dedicated his life to helping others make the absolute most of their lives in areas ranging from Self-Image and Career as well as nearly ALL other areas of their lives.

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The Valley Girl Nation

I was watching older episodes of "Super Soul Sunday" that I had recorded and started thinking about a collection of things today.  The first was a two-part interview with Dr. Maya Angelou and then Dr. Brian Weiss on reincarnation.

I find one thing I like to do when I watch these interviews, is listen to the question and then pause the viewing so that I can answer for myself and then press play and see what the guest had to say.